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LinkoFOG LogoLinkoFOG Fats, Oil and Grease (FOG) Software

LinkoFOG™ streamlines and organizes all aspects of Fats, Oil and Grease (FOG) Programs. Linko's FOG Software will save you and your staff time and money, eliminate management headaches, and ensure you cover all the required steps in your FOG program.

Because not all FOG programs are alike, Linko offers a variety of product configurations certain to meet your unique responsibilities.

Our Add-On Modular Features allow us to meet your program's specific responsibilities.

LinkoFOG Features and Benefits

With all the features FOG Coordinators want wrapped into a single easy to use and highly flexible software, LinkoFOG delivers rapid return on your investment. Key features and benefits are below:


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Easily manage high
volumes of FSEs

Improves ability of staff members to utilize FOG facility data

Save time with easy
search capabilities

Incorporates data from GIS applications and databases





inventory iconFSE Inventory

The first step in implementing your Fats, Oil and Grease Control Program involves assembling an "Inventory" of Food Service Establishments (FSEs) in your service area. LinkoFOG™ software provides a wide range of tools to help you assemble, sort, manage and report on your list of FSEs.

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Tells you who to inspect
and when

Yearly inspection schedules are made in minutes

Quickly see what FSE are failing inspections

Decrease drive time between inspections

Reminders make sure all inspections take place

Saves time by generating your field inspection form


inspections iconFOG Inspections

Inspecting FSEs usually entails a pass/fail status based on facility observations and grease & solids layers within trap/interceptor. LinkoFOG™ software provides unique capabilities to schedule and manage high volume FSE inspections. This includes configuring/ customizing the inspection forms and reports.

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Cradle to Grave FOG tracking

Saves time: customizable data entry screens

Improves organization by quickly displaying who has pumped and who has not

Instant letter generation saves time while improving consistency

Historical tracking of correspondence


maintenance iconMaintenance Schedule

Properly maintained grease traps/interceptors reduce the amount of
Fats, Oil and Grease entering your sewers. LinkoFOG™ software provides
exceptional schedule management tools to inform you of which FSEs are
maintaining their traps and which ones are not.

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Avoid hours of tedious typing

Provides the flexibility
you need

Letter and Outreach consistency

Let's you keep your existing letters for use with our software





educational outreach iconEducational Outreach

Educating the FSEs on their Fats, Oil and Grease responsibilities and requirements is an effective tool in reducing the amount of FOG entering the sewer system. LinkoFOG™ software provides comprehensive and easy to use tools to help you build, send and track educational materials.

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Fast, easy and less prone to mistakes

Automatic notifications reduce missed violations

Improves violation consistency

Follow up requirements do not slip through the cracks

Reports catalog all violation and enforcement actions



violations and enforcements iconViolations & Enforcements

LinkoFOG™ flags late or missing maintenance requirements and failed inspections while providing friendly prompts to issue and track violations and enforcements. Using LinkoFOG™ software, it is easy to generate custom violation/warning letters & mailing labels.

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Makes data entry fast, easy and less prone to mistakes

Reduces human errors and liability

Exceedances are automatically flagged







samples iconSamples & Results

Precise analytical data is very useful in determining the effectiveness of grease extraction devices and cleaning frequencies. LinkoFOG™ schedules, tracks, and evaluates sample analysis compliance with ease.


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Avoid hours of tedious typing

Provides the flexibility you need

Allows clients to easily make their own custom reports! Saves $$!

As responsibilities change, the Flexible Reporter makes it easy to adjust

Intuitive user design




reporting iconFlexible Reporting

Each Fats, Oil and Grease Control program is unique and has unique reporting requirements. With the Flexible Reporter, your organization will customize LinkoFOG™ reports to make them your own.


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