Software Implementation Services

Linko Software has the highest success rate in the industry. Implementation is the reason why. Linko delivers data migration, configuration and system integration services to ensure a smooth transition from existing systems. Training and support follow for complete system adoption and project success.

Linko University LogoLinko University Training

Knowledge of your software's operation is imperative to maximize the value of your purchase. Formal training increases the software adoption and makes staff comfortable with the new system. Linko offers training services for IT staff, managers, technicians and end users of all types.

Data Migration

Linko recognizes that data migration is an important part of most software implementations. Each data migration follows sound methodologies. User feedback, comments and final acceptance are standard.

System Configuration

As a Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software product, Linko contains a host of user configuration tools. Linko works with clients to learn their business practices and configure the software to match. This typically includes setting up events, enforcement response plans, report & letter customizations and configuring COC and NOV documents.

Software Customization/Integrations

Linko implements systems which fully address a wide variety of processes and requirements. Experience and a proven SAM technology model satisfy billing, business licensee and other system integration necessities.


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