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LinkoFOG LogoLinkoHW Liquid Hauled Waste Software

LinkoHW™ Hauled Waste tracking software efficiently manages municipal FOG and septage hauled waste programs. The easily customizable, and process specific screens make high volume data entry and reporting fast and easy.

Combining LinkoHW with LinkoFOG - Fats Oil and Grease software provides comprehensive Cradle-to-Grave Oil and Grease tracking. This means FOG disposals are instantly traced back to the originating Food Service Establishments (FSE) for closed loop monitoring.

LinkoHW Features and Benefits

With all the features Liquid Hauled Waste Coordinators want wrapped into a single and highly flexible software, LinkoHW delivers rapid return on your investment. Key features and benefits are below:


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All data is easily accessed and readily available!

Much easier than spreadsheets!

Keep up to date with changes!

Streamlines reporting process.






inventory iconHauler Inventory

The first step in implementing your hauled waste program involves assembling an "Inventory" of approved or permitted waste haulers in your service area. LinkoHW provides a wide range of tools to help you assemble, sort, manage and report on your list of waste haulers.

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Reduces human errors and liability!

Improves consistency

Makes data entry fast, easy and less prone to mistakes.

Saves lots of time.





inventory iconManifest Tracking

Managing high volume disposals, can be time consuming and difficult. LinkoHW makes it easy with customizable data entry screens, automatic generator look up and flexible reporting tools.

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Ensures necessary requirements under your approved hauler program.

Improves record-keeping immensely!

Keeps your staff organized.

Makes compliance tracking a breeze!





inventory iconActivity Scheduling

Permit expirations, insurance requirements, and scheduled inspections is a lot to keep straight! LinkoHW makes it simple with customizable activity tracking reminding you what is due and when.

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Violations are identified for you!

Quickly create compliance schedules and enforcement notices!

Saves hours of typing!  

Compliance plans don’t slip through cracks.




inventory iconViolations & Enforcements

LinkoHW flags failed inspections and missing insurance requirements, while friendly prompts help you issue and track violations and enforcements.

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Provides flexibility.

Saves time and money!!









inventory iconFlexible Reporting

Each Hauled Waste program is unique and has distinct reporting requirements. With the Flexible Reporter, your organization will customize Linko reports to make them your own.

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Makes data entry fast, easy and less prone to mistakes.

Reduces human errors and liability.

Exceedances are automatically flagged.





inventory iconSamples & Results

Precise analytical data is very useful in determining what your haulers are disposing of. LinkoHW schedules, tracks, and evaluates sample analysis compliance with ease.

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