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LinkoCTS LogoLinkoCTS – Pretreatment Software

LinkoCTS™ - Compliance Tracking Software is designed specifically for Industrial Pretreatment compliance tracking. LinkoCTS™ is a mature and highly functional database software application.

In accordance with EPA 40 CFR - 403 and the new pretreatment streamlining rule, LinkoCTS is an accurate and organized way for POTW's to manage activities and evaluate industrial pretreatment compliance.

Because not all pretreatment programs are alike, Linko offers a variety of product configurations certain to meet your unique responsibilities.

Our Add-On Modular Features allow us to meet your program's specific responsibilities.

LinkoCTS Features and Benefits

With all the features Pretreatment Coordinators want wrapped into a single highly flexible software application, LinkoCTS delivers rapid return on your investment. Key features and benefits are below:


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All data is easily accessed and readily available!

Liability is reduced through accurate record keeping.

Much easier than spreadsheets!

Keep up to date with changes!

Changing parameter limits will not effect past compliance calculations.

Streamlines reporting process.



inventory iconPermit Management

Maintain List of
Permitted Industries
and Required Information.

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Makes data entry fast, easy and less prone to mistakes.

Reduces human errors and liability!

Setting required fields ensures information is stored according to your compliance requirements!

Store information to meet 40 CFR 403 Regulations.

Improves consistency.



inventory iconSamples & Results

Easily schedule, track
and evaluate
sample analysis compliance.

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Violations are identified for you!

Quickly create compliance schedules and enforcement notices!

Saves hours of typing!  

Compliance plans don’t slip through cracks.

Escalation process is tracked for annual reporting.





inventory iconViolations & Enforcement

Detect Violations,
issue NOVs and
manage compliance requirements.

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Avoid time-consuming manual calculations and human errors.

Make sure samples included all required parameters, and were taken correctly!

Ensures that required number of samples were taken.

Easily foresee SNC violations.




inventory icon40 CFR 403 Compliance 

Manages pretreatment data and
evaluates 40 CFR 403 compliance requirements
with a few clicks.

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Nothing slips through the cracks

Improves record-keeping immensely!

Keeps your staff organized.

Makes compliance tracking a breeze!





inventory iconAdvanced Scheduling

Schedules authority and
IU requirements/events
and provides reminders

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Use one software to track IUs from multiple plants!

No more time-consuming Excel spreadsheets to click through!

No complicated queries required.

Just sort and save!





inventory iconDynamic Groups

Pretreatment specific
filtering and
searching tools.

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Provides flexibility

As your IPP's reporting needs change, the Flexible Reporter will make it easy to adjust.

Intuitive user design

Saves time and money!!








inventory iconFlexible Reporting

Customize Linko reports
to make them
your own.

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