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All Linko client/server software can be licensed and installed at your site or in our hosted environment. With the hosted environment, the Linko software is installed on your own private virtual server. Users access the software using Microsoft Windows built-in Remote Desktop technology (or other supported Mac/Apple/Android Remote Desktop Clients) over the internet.

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Watch this webinar and see why people are moving to Hosted! >

How does Hosted Linko Software work?

Why do people choose Hosted?

Eliminates IT burdens and the need for IT resources - Nothing is installed on the users’ computers. All that is needed is a Windows operating system and internet access. All backups, updates, patches and other maintenance tasks are taken care of by Linko, not IT departments. There is no need to purchase additional hardware, servers, or other software whatsoever.

Improved speed and performance

The hosted environment uses state-of-the-art hosting infrastructure. Tests prove that the software works faster than in most office networking environments.

Access from anywhere

Using a Remote Desktop Client, which is already installed on your Windows system, the software is available anyplace with internet access.

Frequently asked questions

Can I still print to my local printers?

Can I access files on my local/shared network drives?

Is the software the same as the client-server software?
Yes. The software is identical. The only difference is where it is installed and how users get to it.

Do I need to upgrade my Microsoft Office software?
No. All the required software is installed on the virtual server.

Do I need to upgrade my computer?
Probably not. All you need is a Windows XP or higher (or another device with a supported Remote Desktop Client) and internet access.

Does the hosted software include support?
Yes. The hosted solution software includes the same support plan as the client-server software.

We need to keep our data located on our physical site. Is it possible to get the data downloaded to us?

What can you tell me about the production environment and security?
Here is an overview PDF regarding our data center and security >


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