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Securing networks, maintaining hardware and software technology, and supporting end users are a few of the everyday responsibilities of IT municipal professionals. Linko helps these busy professionals by providing data management systems with the utmost in reliability, ease of use, security and scalability.

Linko Software exceeds dependability requirements and provides innovative capabilities to increase compliance effectiveness and streamline wastewater IT systems. The bottom line is Linko will make life easier for IT staff.

Eliminates Support Issues

With Linko's excellent software and support, the typical headaches of managing spreadsheets and/or supporting an aging system are eliminated. Linko software is mature, stable and consistently maintained and tuned to work with new system requirements. Linko software products are compatible with the most recent versions of Windows and Microsoft Office.

Compatibility and System Requirements

You can find our Microsoft product compatiblity policy here.

For a PDF copy of Linko’s current system requirements, click either
Full SQL Edition or SQL Express Edition.

All Linko software is available in a Hosted Solution.

Scalable System Architecture

IT infrastructures change, program staff grow and end user responsibilities evolve. Linko will address your program's growth just as it has with its first and current customer.

System Security

System administrators can relax knowing that read, write, edit and delete security privileges can be easily configured and managed per user. This ensures completeness of data and reduces time spent retrieving data accidentally modified or even deleted.

Reliable Software Company

Linko has dedicated the last 15 years to assisting IP and FOG programs improve their compliance tracking through technology. Linko Technology Inc. has the experience and the commitment to Industrial Pretreatment and FOG Programs to assist you now and for years to come.


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