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Industrial Pretreatment Software

Mandated by the Clean Water Act, Industrial Pretreatment Programs are required to monitor and control wastewater discharges from industrial sources. Linko's pretreatment software reduces the burden of managing a pretreatment and other source control programs. The software manages high volumes of data, determines industrial compliance, schedules requirements and generates needed reports and letters.

Pretreatment programs vary in size and responsibilities. Linko provides pretreatment software ranging from FREE starter packages, which you can have up and running today, to enterprise systems supporting the largest pretreatment programs in the country. Call us to help you learn if Linko is the right fit for your pretreatment program.


Go to LinkoCTSLinkoCTS™ - Compliance Tracking Software is a mature and highly functional industrial pretreatment database software application. More Go Arrow






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