Linko Solution Lifecycle

Pretreatment and FOG programs vary in size and shape while the regulatory landscape continues to evolve. To ensure long-term success for our customers, large and small, Linko employs a proven implementation methodology - the Solution Lifecycle. At the heart of this methodology is continuous feedback and reoccurring needs assessments.

Linko Solution Lifecycle

Needs Assessment

Providing a life-time software solution always starts with an assessment of your needs. Linko will learn about your program responsibilities, compliance goals, challenges and bottle necks, to provide products and services designed to ensure a smooth transition and long term success.

Data Migration

Maintain historical records, reduce transcription errors and eliminate hours of tedious data entry through Linko’s data migration services. With more than 15 years experience moving and managing pretreatment program data, Linko has developed proven methodologies to accurately, and efficiently convert data from existing systems to LinkoCTS.

Systems Integration

Integrating Linko software with other municipal systems reduces double data entry, improves data quality and saves time! Through Linko’s proven approach, the successful integration of billing, business license and work order management systems is ensured.

Software Training

Knowledge of your software's operation is essential to maximizing the value of your purchase. While all Linko products are easy to use and learn, formal training increases the software adoption momentum and makes staff more comfortable with the new system. Linko offers onsite and remote training services for IT staff, managers, technicians and end users of all types.

Customer Support

Club Linko (Software Support) is designed to save you time, boost your productivity and ensure you make the most of your Linko Software investment. Each purchase comes standard with a full year of support which includes:

Continuous Feedback

A high level of trust is achieved through the initial successful implementation. Linko builds on this relationship through ongoing communication, consistent support and continued program assessment.


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