surcharge assistant module iconLinkoSL™ – Surcharge and Loadings:
Accurate, Consistent, Easy Industrial User Billing

Surcharge and cost recovery programs provide a principle revenue stream for the utility and cover costs derived from regulating industrial users. This can include, pollutant loading surcharges, permitting, inspection and sampling fees and regulatory non-compliance fines. Managing this process quickly becomes time consuming, complex and can be fraught with errors.

Linko Technology Inc. offers LinkoSL – a client specific industrial user billing system with highly configurable calculations and data acquisition tools. Through LinkoSL, bills and pollutant loadings are consistent, accurate, legally defensible and historically maintained.

Remote Inspector data flow graphicKey Benefits

Data control and software flexibility are key when working with industrial user billing. LinkoSL leverages analytical results, permit and compliance data already managed within the LinkoCTS Software. This eliminates duplicate data entry and the usage of complex billing spread sheets. An easy-to-use interface acquires and manages flow data, configures surcharge rates, displays billing history, and calculates pollutant loadings.

In these economically challenging times, industrial user billing and industrial loading utilization has never been more important. LinkoSL – makes it accurate, ­consistent and easy


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