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Record signatures and sample results in the field with auto-generated chain of custodies

Remote Sampler is an add-on module for LinkoCTS which provides sample technicians access to an electronic Chain of Custody in the field. Used in conjunction with Linko’s Sampling Assistant and LabSync modules, Chain of Custodies are automatically created and scheduled, allowing Sample Technicians to collect field observations and signatures while in the field.

Chain of Custodies or 'Work Orders' are automatically created and scheduled by LinkoCTS based upon Authority sampling requirements.  Schedules can be assigned to Sample Technicians in batch and can be changed/updated and integrated into an Outlook calendar using Linko’s OutlookSync module. Chain of Custodies completed in the field automatically create samples in LinkoCTS for the field analysis performed in the field.

As data from the LIMS is later imported into LinkoCTS using LabSync, analytical samples are automatically created and the sampling observations and images taken during the sampling event are associated with those samples.

How it works:

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What Remote Sampler brings to your team:

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